Basich committed Perjury Multiple Times.

In the restraining order filed by Zoran Kokan Basich, Basich stated under threat of penalty of perjury that I have a criminal record of assault and battery under Case number 6GL02603. They also stated that I was charged with battery with a caustic chemical (a felony). This is slander. I was charged with penal code 242, a misdemeanor, which went to trial and I was acquitted of any wrongdoing by a jury trial.

The officer that testified at my criminal trial stated that Basich told him he was an attorney, that his office was at 1955 Glenoaks, and that he kept regular hours there. An employee of Zoran Basich gave my mother a video tape of Basich selling his legal services where he introduces Susan Gilbert as part of his legal staff. Gilbert has been an attorney about five years. At the time of the trial Basich has a website which listed his address as 1955 Glenoaks, the same address as some of the legal documents filed by Susan Gilbert. Basich testified under oath that he hasn't practiced law in ten years because he is disabled due to stress.

During the hearing for the restraining order Basich lied about owning the suburban which I asked them to move (#1UO9576) I have seen him drive this truck. The truck was ticketed on March 14, 1999. During the hearing for the restraining order September 13, 1999 Basich testified that the vehicle was sold over one year ago.

The restraining order stated: "That I struck him across his face and knocked his glasses askew." It also stated: "That I punched him in the face." During the hearing for the restraining order September 13, 1999 Basich testified that: "he ripped my shirt, broke my glasses, and hit the back of my head." During the criminal trial Basich stated that I broke his glasses. The fact of the matter is that Basich was not wearing glasses when he came to my house on March 13, 1999.

Basich fabricated evidence. The shirt which was used as evidence in the criminal trial was not the same shirt that Basich was wearing on March 13, 1999. Both my mother and I testified to this in court.

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