The Mutual Restraining Order.

The restraining order written up by Susan Gilbert, and employee of Basich is not mutual. At the hearing I requested that Basich along with all of his relatives, employees and servants leave my mother and I alone. The judge granted a Mutual Restraining Order and Gilbert volunteered to write it up. In the description: Tyler Basich, Ruth Zelkman, Sonja Sibinovic, Rene Mudrinich, Doreen Inzalico, and Henrick Yeghnazar are not listed as far as people who must stay away from me. The only one listed to stay away from me is Zoran Basich. During the hearing, I told the judge that I was concerned that I could not go and visit my neighbors after I moved because of the fear of harassment from these people. The judge told me to carry a camera and a tape recorder if I went there. Gilbert went against the wishes of the judge and wrote that I could not photograph these people or their property, but this constraint is not listed in the description of the restraining order against Zoran Basich.

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