March 13, 1999.

I knocked on the door of my neighbor to ask them if it would be too much trouble to move a large truck blocking the view of the street, so we could safely exit our driveway. Upon making contact with Ruth Zelkman who answered the door she said, "You are ignorant, your are obviously uneducated. Where are you from. What is your name and address, I will send someone to take care of you.." Then I replied, "Are you threatening me?" She answered "Yes."

Thirty minutes after contact with Zelkman, Zoran Basich arrived at my door. My mother was standing between Basich and I. My mother invited Basich into our home so we could discuss this incident "like adults". Basich replied "I'm not coming into your house." Then said to me "Where do you get off calling my friend a whore?" I replied "Show me the tape." ( Basich has a video camera at his front door and at least four on his roof visible from the street. Basich also testified that he has "twenty" cameras in his house. ) Basich then said: "If you come near my house I'll make life so miserable for you, you wont know what hit you." I replied to him "You can't tell me where to walk, this is America." Basich then said, "I'm going to take everything you own." I yelled that he was a stupid asshole and that I didn't own anything to take. Basich knocked my mother to the ground, and then screamed "I'm going to kill you." Basich then raised his hands towards my face. At this point, I feared that Basich would inflict further damage to us, so I grabbed Basich by the shirt and pushed him away from my mother and I. I felt threatened and in danger. I believed Basich's threats were real and he was on the verge of attacking me. I acted in self defense, in fear of my mother's and my own personal safety. Basich stumbled off the porch, walked to the "for sale sign" in front of our house, kneeled in front of the sign, outstretched his arms, looked toward the sky, and said "I will own this house before you sell it."

Basich, then walked home, called the police and made a citizens arrest. The police then came to my house , took me to the ground, I screamed to my mother " get witnesses", the police physically abused me and broke my glasses, and took me to jail. While they were fingerprinting me I suffered an anxiety attack from the stress. The Glendale Police called an ambulance. I was treated and went home.

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