April 4th.

Basich confronted me from across the street after I has returned my father to the convalescent hospital. Basich was leaning on the back of one of his two suburbans and yelled for me to come over to his side of the street, while grabbing his crotch, he yelled "Come on over and get it." Basich put his right hand in his bike shorts. He took his hand out and put his thumb and fingers on the outline of his penis and thrust his pelvis toward me three times while he was rubbing his penis. I called 911 and the Glendale Police responded and advised me to ignore Basich's challenges because the police believed Basich was trying incite another confrontation to fulfill his previous promise to make my life miserable. Between the time I called the police and they came on April 4th, Basich send his child ( Tyler Basich ) out with his/her nanny (Sonja Sibinovic ) They were walking across the street from my residence. The child pointed to my house and yelled, several times, "There's that bad man and the bad house." My mother responded, "What kind of thing is that to teach a child?" and went into the house.


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